Device manufacturer lobbying: "preinstall f-droid as a competitive advantage over other device manufacturers after ec google $5.1 billion dollar fine


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What do you mean no Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook?

Who wants that?


i am not shure if i understood your question

i just mean device manufacturers install both playstore and f-droid app.

from playstore the device user can still get apps like facebook or “sent all my private contacts to some provider app” and from fdroid device user can get a lot of free more privacy aware stuff.

the device user has more choises and not the “allow to install apps from unknown source” burden any more.

educating the device user of potential facebook problems is a complete different topic not addressed here.

my simple message is “hey device manufacturers: if you preinstall fdroid, too” you get a compatitive advantage.

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Why would they install both? No, they’ll install Google Play and THEIR store (see Samsung, Huawei, etc).

What is the advantage exactly?

See last sence

Currently enabling “allow to install apps from unknown source” is a
big problem for non tech android users that could be eleminated by this.

I see, but there is no incentive for an OEM to include F-Droid, excluding some privacy aware ones like Fairphone or (dead?) CopperheadOS.

I think if a device manufacturer would install F-Droid on their phones (e.g. Huawei on the P30, Samsung on the S10, BQ on the Aquaris X3 Pro, etc), F-Droid would not sue them or make problems. The device manufacturers are free to pre-install F-Droid in my opinion. Or am I missing something?

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I believe this is true, that one of the points… :wink:

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The real advantage here is they can give some better designed clients for Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

It definitely won’t hurt if people lobby companies to include F-Droid, so I support that.

Also, FYI, Copperhead is not dead, despite all that chaos. They are continuing on without strcat.

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