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I only use Simple SMS Messenger, but it needs to be set as the default application every time I start the phone. Why is this default setting lost whenever the phone is turned off? In the phone Settings I have allowed Simple SMS Messenger and disallowed the Google Play Store. Is there another setting I need to activate? I am still new to smart phones so possibly I have missed something.

What phone/operating system do you use, Cliff?

Android 11 running on a King Kong Mini2 Pro. (Yes, I know it’s a silly name but the size is ideal for me.)

Android Settings, Apps, Default Apps, Messages, select the app?

Thanks. I did not know of that setting as I am still finding my way around the phone. Having now set SMS Messenger as the default in the Android Settings as you described, then restarted the phone, I am still asked to set it as default when I open the app.

I use other Simple Mobile apps on the phone without being asked repeatedly to set them as default so maybe it is inherent in that particular app.

This can happen due to Lawnchair or some 3rd party launcher issues too, for some weird reason. I faced it few times, but after 2 or 3 times, it works as should.

Hmm, I did not realise apps could alter default settings in Android. I have not changed the launcher so I guess I must tolerate this minor inconvenience.

They can’t but they can ask you to do it.

Launchers are special as OEMs are afraid you’d install a bad one and be unable to use the device so I’ve seen them aggressively replace yours with the default one.

So can you suggest a way to track down the offending application that is interfering, or do I have to remove each app one at a time until the default setting works?

Maybe you can try to disable the defaault SMS app?

Find it’s appid first…

One of the first things I did on receiving the phone was to disable the default Messages app from Google and replace it with SMS Messenger from F-droid. Nevertheless when I turn on the phone every day there is no default app set for text messages. I shall investigate further.

I was just going to reply.
Look at battery optimisation and or something called smart control via the phone OS in settings. Example, Vivo, IQOO, Redmi, Xiaomi etc and now even some ROM have this and it changes the settings by automatically closing the background services and apps.

Thanks for the hints.

SMS Messenger is listed as not having battery optimisation available, nor is it showing as one of the restricted apps. Should it?

I can not find anything called smart control. The nearest things were Smart Lock which prevents any F-droid app from starting; and SmartRatSwitch which has a variety of meanings from Radio Access Technology to Remote Access Trojan depending on ones level of paranoia.

The search continues.

Search is the only way out now.
Maybe some sort of settings. BTW, I tried SMS Messenger. I am facing the same issue. Though QKSMS works without this issue.
I had to force stop play services to let SMS be my default. Odd enough.
Anyways back to QKSM now… maybe they copied some of those apps?

I disabled Google Play Services and set SMS Messenger as default, but the app would not then open at all, so have re-enabled Google Play Services.

I then installed QKSMS but I really didn’t like all the permissions that must be granted, so I got rid of that.

I then removed and re-installed SMS Messenger in the faint hope that it might magically sort itself out. It didn’t so I am back to square one.

That’s possible, but I get the impression that the DKMP problem is “battery management” interfering while the app is running. In my case the app remains default and operational all the time the phone is on. My problem comes only when I restart the phone. I turn it off overnight.

Actually QKSMS ideally has no over the top extra permissions, and SMS has almost the same ones. It is just that it has been defined in QKSMS feature wise. We can call directly, which is in my understanding good, and not an invasive permission. This was just an example.

Yes, but that can also happen due to some other (maybe hidden) setting, and in that case it would be reverting to default. Like pause/remove access/permissions automatically, and similar lines.

I re-installed QKSMS again alongside SMS Messenger, and set it as default. After restarting the phone I am again asked which of the two I want as default. That proves to me that the fault lies in the phone OS, not the application.

Given that I am unlikely to find the cause and a solution, it isn’t worth spending any more time and effort on something so trifling. I shall accept the inconvenience and delete QKSMS.

Thank you both for helping a newcomer to smartphones.

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