Create my iso file

Is there a way create iso file of my Linux distro with all my settings and application installed?!

You can easily with a tool like Clonezilla Live (which will handle sizing that dd won’t), but it is not recommended.

You can always just document your process along the way, and turn it into a simple bash script you’d run after install.

Well my problem is that I used timeshif . But it does work with me sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t.
I think I is because the I saved the 2 os in 1 partition.
And making an iso file is more converted and better
Because I can also have it in other PCs’.

The issue with system images is that secrets will be the same, eg:

  • luks keys will be identical, unless you cryptsetup-reencrypt
  • shadow hashes will be identical, unless you change password
  • /etc/machine-id will be the same
  • your network daemon might have the same saved dhcp leases or random mac addresses

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