Convert phone to speaker

Well is there any way you can convert a phone to a speaker for a Linux PC . I it hard to find.
And it is also hard to believe that no Foss exist for this

I kept searching but sadly I only found a windows app called “stream what you hear” that sends sound to Unpnp devices or to any device via http

Maybe it will work on wine idk

There is an cross platform app called soundwire but isn’t open source

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Can we use KDE connect plugin for this !??
Or there a plugin there already

Look at Old Project dont know your requirements, but it says it streams from pc to android

I don’t know how to use it and only microphone and be used.
Thanks but not want I intended

The easiest way to do it is using Soundwire.
I know it’s not foss but it works and they’re gonna harvest your data or something

Anyway if u still don’t want to here are these links:

JK all of them recommend Soundwire
and u cant use KDE

And u can search it on your own Dont rely on forums since a simple search will show u lots of solutions

There is way of doing it with vlc then streaming it via http but i don’t have linux desktop atm so can’t try it out

Oh, here’s how to do it with pulseaudio

Thanks,I will try and see

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