contribDroid, a new way to donate
I’m starting an app that may help donations to F-Droid installed apps by dividing your donation in a fair way (every app gets the same partition of donation) or an usage based division (the app will monitor the usage time of apps then gives to every app the donation based on their usage)

Feel free to give contribute and critics, as i’m at my first Android app (i don’t know how to program on Android, this will be my time to learn) and it’s mainly a concept/idea.

I like the idea of finding a way to help users determine how much to pay, but how much is fair is a tricky thing. Evenly split among installed apps is not, because we may install many apps we do not use, and don’t always get around to un-installing them. Usage is a tricky thing, because an app that efficiently does a great job without using much battery or screen time may be “worth more” than an app that burns battery and “wastes” screen time.

F-droid may eventually wish they found a way to have a market with payment methods, and regret promoting the volunteer and all-donation approach. They are starting to pay some reviewer-developers for their work; All volunteers are equal, but some volunteers are more equal than others. Maybe they will also find a way to help developers put prices on their apps, and help users to pay fair prices. While also giving a little something to bug reporters and other contributors…

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