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Email f.droid non sécurisé(tls).attention

what do you mean, which email? email notification from f-droid or any email apps in particular ???

This user has been spamming since couple of days. Either it is a script kiddie or a bot. See its threads.

Soyez poli,dans vos réponses ,ce n’est un script gamin ,il s’agit des réponses des utilisateurs de f.droid ,leur réponses doivent être securisés

You wrote an email somewhere? You wanted PGP? Explain your issue exactly?

I can probally translate the op message in 1st post

Email f.droid non[not] securise [secure].attention [attention please]

That is my guess, original poster could you clarify? Also everthing the orignal poster posted after seems to be random spam in a mix of english and other languages.

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