Code Maintenance in Flutter and React Native

Hello All, I am working on a backend project and I want to know which one is good in code maintenance between flutter and react native. Yesterday I search on google and found, Debugging React Native applications isn’t easy. Making use of third-party libraries can cause compatibility issues that are hard to debug but not an idea about flutter. Can anyone know about flutter code performance? which one is good between them?

This is a very generic question, but if developer experience is of concern, then (if I were you, I would) opt for either Jetpack Compose (which recently got out of beta) or Flutter.

Jetpack Compose is similar to Flutter in that it brings its own renderer (that is, it isn’t “native”), but is plenty fast. If you do need a cross-platform UI, then Flutter is as good as bet as any, their reliance on dart-lang notwithstanding.


Yes, you are right. I read the same information from here which flutter It’s quite easy to maintain the code of Flutter applications due to the simplicity of the code and the availability of external debugging tools as compare to react native.

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