Child locked cellphone - how to add F-Droid to it?

Hey there,

i haven’t found any entry neither on the forum nor using aunt google.
My problem is: As a daddy I try to protect my kid from stolen data and all of this stuff (being forced to use google child lock is a real pain in the …!)
So I thought I could install f-droid apk to my son’s cellie but I didn’t succeed. Does anyone know where I need to look or how else I would get it working?

Son’s mobile is running Android 12. And his account is installed natively to the mobile (ahead of that I had him running a guestaccount on that very mobile where my account was host. It worked there… But I think it only worked because I installed F-Droid as the priviliged user and the kid-account could take advantage of it. But running kids account as a guest is too complicated on a daily basis).

So is there a possibility to get f-droid to his cellie?

Thank you in advance for every helpful comment.
If I’m missing out on important and neccessary infos pls let me know and I’ll add them


…aaaaand here is the solution.
Go to Family link Dashboard. Select Mobile (e.g. Samsung A20, etc) by clicking it. It’ll open a new screen where you can grant “Apps from unknown Sources”

Nice. Easy.

I am blond. And blind, apparently :scream_cat:


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