Cannot install F-Droid

Recently each time I tried to install an app from F-Droid on phone (Moto G4, Android 7.0), I received message No Installation. Today I uninstalled F-Droid and attempted to install version 1.71 (via Tor browser). I got message that FDroid.apk had downloaded, but no option to install appeared. I could not find the downloaded file.

How to install F-Droid? I am thoroughly non-techie – so please keep advice simple.

Enable UnknownSources in Android Settings Security
Use a file manager and touch the APK in Downloads (I guess?)

Thanks Licaon_Kter, but I had already enabled unknown sources and checked the APK in Downloads, not finding it there. However, after many many tries, I was finally able to download F-Droid (1.6).

But I am still unable to install any app from F-Droid. For any app, when I check “Install,” in seconds a notification appears saying “Not installed.”

When I select “Updates,” I get message that only app needing update is F-Droid (to 1.62). I select “Update” for F-Droid and get message “Not installed.”

At various points in all the above I sometimes get message “Error getting F-Droid index file.”

You need to use the file manager app :file_folder: and use its search feature :mag_right:
Search----> .Apk

Pictures? This sounds strange…

So you are using tor, if so are you using Orbot or Tor browser?

Locash and Licaon_Kter thanks very much for your replies and my apologies for not replying right away. The issue has become moot because I spilled super-hot coffee on my wrist, dropped the phone, and now the touchscreen is totally black; thus it is impossible to use the phone in any way at all. I waited to reply, hoping that the phone would start working again, but it never did.

By some quirk on the umpteenth try, I managed to get F-Droid installed – but I was unable to install any apps from F-Droid.

I did use the file manager app and searched for .Apk. None of those apps I tried to install recently showed up, though one from 6 months ago was there. And to answer the other question, I was currently using Tor browser.

I have become a fan of Android phones now that I’ve discovered F-Droid. So if anyone has a recommendation for a satisfactory inexpensive Android phone, I’d be glad.

Thank you again for your help.

Ouch. Sorry to here about the hot coffee.

Have you looked into a Fairphone? With Fairphone I hear you can be Google Free out-of-the-box. Others in this forum have posted on this topic in the past, so try searching Fairphone . I really like that their phones are not designed to be replaced with a newer model in a year.

Huawei might be good to explore also, although I personally don’t care for 5G. I think they still run Android but plan to start using their own OS due to overseas trade issues. If they run Android you should be able to put F-Droid on it but don’t quote me on that. On a Huawei it would surprise me if there was no way to go Google-Free. Do seek advice from more senior persons on this forum or online.

I’m interested in this subject (and its likely others are too) so feel free to share your findings.

Huawei are forced to be “free” for now. Yes, F-Droid might be easier, but only if they truly start supporting bootloader unlocking, else I would not touch/recommend them again.


Depending on what browser you’re using on an Android, you could try making some changes through the Settings. In Chrome (mobile) I enter chrome://flags then on the New Experimental Page, in the Search Bar enter: DOWNLOAD. (This may based on version of Chrome & Android/OS vary in # of results) Select desired Settings then use provided button to relaunch.
On my Android TV box, I was able to bypass the many mirrored Link’s to F-Droid by trying to check for an update of a prior app I had forgotten I found in F-Droid :confounded: Enter: (copy of the app URL previously mentioned) which will offer to install the latest F-Droid app. [Might only need the URL address up to packages/ & skip the supplied app]
In Chrome under Settings near the very bottom, Downloads Setting are. If set those & have installation from “Other Sources” enabled such as for Chrome, a pop-up should appear warning about these activities 1st then a 2nd about download completed. Use your preferred File Manager to locate the .apk download if Chrome version doesn’t match description.

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