Canarytokens like services for linux

Canarytokens are super cool.and i love it.
some of the features are win folder alert , exe file excetution alert a few.
it is pretty sure that is is not for linux.
Is there an alternative for linux.
Even any to canary alternative, i am happy to know

The way it works for EXEs is that the file is signed with their certificate, and on first launch the URL in the cert is fetched. You’ll be hard pressed to find something for executables on Linux due to its distributed nature; most distros rely on package signature verification instead, so there aren’t any arbitrary fetches that a canary URL could piggyback off of.

I think a way you might emulate that behavior is aliasing the target command or application, so that it does the curl request and then launches what the user wanted. The alias could be in the ~/.bashrc, or if you use Gnome then by modifying a .desktop file’s Exec command.

Pretty sure they sell it for Linux too. Either you didn’t web search, or this is a long-game spam. Anyway, thanks for the few minutes of info’ gathering I did. :smiley:

Know any??

Some links:

Well,i did not get a file or folder for linux through this link,can you help me @justsomeguy?

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