Can we redirect to here?

I notice that is controlled by you folks so it isn’t a big stretch to imagine that you could do this, yes?


I’ve opened an admin ticket for this here:


There just isn’t any .htaccess there, it seems? It’s, literally, a 2-minute job if anyone’s bothered. =)

EDIT: Yeah, there isn’t any or either. Admin! :slight_smile:


2-minutes? No. You have to login to gitlab. That means switching to a non-TorBrowser. Whether it’s worth it takes some internal debate. Then you have to fork the website; who knows how long that takes? Then you have to make the change and submit a pull request. And wait… Better to open ticket(s) for the overloaded admins. :confused:

And another thing:

You’re right. That happens if the user types the “https://” themselves.

If they just type then it redirects properly.

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