Can somebody explain why the anemo app cannot be merged into official f-droid-repo?

What i have read so far

From F-Droid · Issue #1 · 2bllw8/anemo · GitHub :

I [ the author of anemo ] provided GitLab my credit card information to verify my account, they won’t allow me to run the pipeline, so people at F-Droid didn’t accept my request.

I interprete “they won’t allow me to run the pipeline” as

There is a mergerequest to add metadata/exe.bbllw8.anemo.yml to f-droid-repostitory F-Droid / Data · GitLab . the pipline to test the merge can not be processed.

Is the author of anemo blacklisted at would it be pssible to add the app if somebody else (who is not blacklisted) can create the mergerequest and then the app would be added?

Will take a look locally

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