Build server problems after app update


I have pushed an update to my app HabPanelViewer some time ago which made the build fail.
I have then fixed the problem and removed and re-created the tag, as my seemingly rather naive thinking was that the build server would then try to build the new version again with the updated code.

But nothing seems to have happened. What do I need to do in order to trigger a new build?


Was disabled back then, since it failed,

Will retry locally…and reenable if ok…brb


For future reference, when F-Droid detects a tag it finds the commit related to it and doesn’t update the commit. You’re not supposed to recreate tags, and F-Droid enforces that. The only reason it’ll work this time is because @Licaon_Kter did it manually this time.

Yes and no, that’s a current change, to pickup commit hash instead of “tag”, so that would have worked in the past.

But now, the build was also disabled so… it would not work even if retagged :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. The new version has been published.

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