Bug report: F-droid is not loading the thumbnails and images of the apps (checked the repos and Internet options)

I’m using F-droid version 1.3.1 and as I said on Mastodon seems like I should be able to see the thumbnails and pictures since I have only the F-droid repo enabled and the Internet options seems fine

Force Close F-Droid, Clean app cache, refresh repos, retry.

I’d recommend even a “clean app DATA” after you’ve updated to 1.3.1 to really clean up cruft from the data base.(yes you’ll need to add the repos back)

Same problem here.
Today I installed microG LineageOS https://lineage.microg.org/ for the first time just for testing. With that custom ROM F-Droid is pre-installed already (And apparently as a system app somehow, since there was no need to enable “install from unknown sources”, as I found out after wanting to install some app with Yalp Store. Nice!).
Refreshing the F-droid repo however made the icons visible in Latest and Categories in F-droid app.
Problem solved here.

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