Beta versions in fdroiddata metadata


How is the workflow when there are several beta versions before a release? For instance, there’s currently version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 of an app in the F-Droid repo. Then there’s 1.3-beta1, 1.3-beta2, 1.3-beta3, 1.3-beta4… should the update bot handle those new betas? Wouldn’t the betas then replace the main version?

Or shall I manually create one beta and update it with MR, and let the bot only do the main releases?


Depends, do you want all users to get the betas automatically or just those that enabled “unstable versions” in F-Droid settings?

IF the first, autoupdate to all Tags will just work (if autoupdate works for this app I mean)

If the second, you’d need to come and add each new beta with a new MR, also to tweak autoupdate (if available) to not pickup betas (eg. tag betas as “1.1-beta” and stable as “1.2”, and the Tags entry regex to “only pickup tags that end in a number”)


Thanks, so I’ll tag the betas manually. In the most cases we don’t need the betas on F-Droid, but when there are big changes we’d like to have it there too :slight_smile:

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