Battery use in LineageOS (Android 11)

  1. This tends to be an issue with all Android builds but the interface showing battery usage is not remotely accurate. Over half the power used by the phone is not accounted for in the menu showing which apps are using the battery. That includes both system and user apps.

  2. Why is the power drain with wifi on so incredibly intense? I could go 8 hours starting with a fully charged phone with wifi off and it still reports 100% 8 hours later. If I do that same thing with wifi on, I would easily lose at least 10-15% or more. For these test, I kept cell data off but it was connected to a cell phone tower. Something is causing a massive power drain on the phone when wifi is on.

  1. I have devices that regularly go two weeks+ of idle with Wi-Fi on running various versions of my OS without such battery drain.

If you are running official unmodified LineageOS without any silly root changes then I suggest you open an issue at their tracker: How to submit a bug report | LineageOS Wiki


Why is the power drain with wifi on so incredibly intense?

Suggestion: Read about radio power for wifi, bluetooth, and cellular. It varies a lot, but 10-100 or so milliWatts adds up.

I run the official version of LineageOS that has been modified with MicroG but I have the MicroG app disabled. I mostly run Fdroid only apps with battery saver mode on all the time. I do use an antivirus app from McAfee. I have all traffic go through a VPN app. All other Aurora apps stay disabled in a turned off work profile. I have no way to monitor how power is being used as over half the power being used doesn’t show up in the menu of used power. I am guessing I should report this to MicroG instead site that has the modified version of official LineageOS instead. It just seems weird that the power difference would be this great between wifi on and wifi off.

edit: Is there some setting I can change to make apps even more powered optimized? I already have battery saver on and all apps get battery optimized except critical apps.

What can I do about it on the phone? I keep bluetooth off whenever I am not using it. I keep cellular data off when not being used. I need some data access but wifi on is eating to much power.

that isn’t official LineageOS.

but I have the MicroG app disabled

Perhaps try the official LineageOS

You can use Battery Historian to find the cause: GitHub - google/battery-historian: Battery Historian is a tool to analyze battery consumers using Android "bugreport" files.
and a unofficial hosted version here:

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I got it down to 3% power use in 7-8 hours with wifi on by setting as many apps as I can to restrict battery use while in background. I also turned off unrestricted data on the VPN app. Now no app has unrestricted data. I don’t know which changed caused its but that is a massive power use drop to go from 10%-15% to 3%.

Thankyou for that link.

Are you using Orbot in VPN mode?
It has very high battery usage on some devices.

A paid VPN provider.

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