Avoiding Google Play: consequences


I wish to escape Google’s tracking but don’t know much about apps installing in general. I currently own a reset Android with no Google account. Reading that f-droid was a popular substitute for Google Play store, I figured out I could install TikTok, FB and IG through it. I see (and now understand) that these apps are not available here. Anyway I’ve read more than once that installing such juggernaut apps other than with GooglePlayStore (so, for instance with an apk) could lead to some shadow ban of the user on those apps, and even that choosing a non-gmail address as a contact address was a first grey flag. What truth is there to this according to your own experiences and what would you advise me ? (My using these apps will not be the least shady in purpose). Thank you very much.

As you seemingly already figured out, F-Droid only ships Open Source apps (to help support user freedom and privacy), so indeed apps like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram won’t be available here as these companies don’t want to open source their apps.

For accessing Google Play, I suggest using Aurora Store. They have a very active community on Telegram if you need more help with Aurora Store.


Thank you for this answer. I’m hesitating between Aurora and Apt…e with the latter seeming way more spread and used than the former but the former has probably better reputation.
Does using Aurora not give the user away to Google though, given their link ? Will Google not immediately know that I use their “deported” apps (through Aurora) and have access to my credentials even through the alleged “anonymous login” ?

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User from the same IP as last week downloads same app updates like last week from the same device description? Well…

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If you want to avoid tracking, you should avoid apps like tiktok, Instagram and Facebook as well!


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