Automatically add a repository to the FDroid Client?

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I was just wondering whether it’s possible to add a repository to F-Droid without actually opening the App Activity and navigating all the way to the Add Repo screen and typing in the repo URL. Can I do it programmatically from somewhere else? What kind of permissions would I need to do that? I did a little bit of digging and found that in the file
there is binary log data of Database Operatons which include the operation of adding a repository. Can or should I just modify this file in order to add a repo? If yes, how?

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1 Like provides one method, via “provisioning” files. The other way is to send an Intent to F-Droid from an app that includes the repo URL. That’ll put up the “Add Repo” prompt.

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Thank you again @hans ! I just tried the provisioning method and it looks like that also puts up the “Add Repo” prompt. Isn’t it somehow possible to silently add a repo to the F-Droid client without notifying the user? I want a certain repo to be included in the client by default. Is that possible with F-Droid?

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For now adding repositories always involves displaying that “Add Repo” prompt. That’s because we want to make sure users don’t end up with repos they don’t trust.

I totally think that F-Droid should also support automatic provisions for Android Distributors. Because by using eg. LineageOS you implicitly trust that ROM. Not sure if this is the use-case you had in mind, but that’s a goal of my (currently halted) provisioning efforts.


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