Auto Update schedule question

Hello, FDroid community.

First of all I’m not sure if I’m in the right place to ask this question, if not I apologize.

I have an application registered on FDroid (, with the Auto Update activated :

Auto Update Mode:Version v%v

I pushed a new tag 9 days ago, named v2.2 (which should match the format declared above). It seemed that that version is seen by the metadata server, as the app description and screenshot are indeed used on the FDroid website and app, but it seems the app itself is not updated.

Is it because there’s a build error for that version ? If so is there a way to see the log ?


Yes, 2.2 failed because the scanner caught strange things. You can see the build logs on the wiki page:

Those scanner issues can be worked around, but the mentioning of Fabric makes me think that Stanley does not comply with the inclusion criteria anymore, unfortunately.

Oh thanks for that link. I’ll investigate what the issue is, as some valid dependencies are marked as errors too :confused:

Ok weird thing is, when I try to reproduce the issue locally, I get no error, using the following commands :

fdroid lint -v fr.xgouchet.packageexplorer
fdroid readmeta
fdroid checkupdates fr.xgouchet.packageexplorer
fdroid rewritemeta fr.xgouchet.packageexplorer
fdroid build --server -v -l fr.xgouchet.packageexplorer

I get a build succesfull, and no sign of the errors listed on the build log linked on the wiki.

Also from the logs, it seems that it doesn’t like having compiled class in the buildSrc folder. Is using the buildSrc folder incompatible with FDroid ?

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