Apps visible in fdroid but not elsewhere; auto-installed rooted apps

Heya, got a quick question regarding a few apps that have installed automatically, apparently, through fdroid - and possibly through recent updates - including Bucket - Overlay Manager, Klaxon, and /system/app mover (all with maxed-out permissions, and one of them apparently needs it rooted). I did not root the device; my question is whether this rings any bells for anyone - if not, I’d be thankful for a pointer on where to go from here (google-fu is failing me)

I guess this is the “multiple apps shown as installed”

If yes, close F-Droid…go to Android-Settings-Apps-F-Droid-> CLEAN DATA (you’ll lose custom repos)

Restart F-Droid…setup settings, repos back…try again


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Confirmed that made the list shrink to just pesky UnifiedNlp and stuff I’ve installed from fdroid - if that’s all it took then I owe you a beer

Gave it a couple days and now there are 10x more apps, each with carte-blanche permissions and installed unknowingly.

Thanks fdroid, time to go douse it in gasoline and light my device on fire.

Read again… “SHOWN” as installed…not actually installed.

Did you update to 1.3.1 yet? After clean data, resetup, I don’t have the reappear.

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Apologies Licaon, I spook easily at times.

Downloading 1.3.1 now - the “Download f-droid” button on the front page of still links to the 1.2.2 version of the apk. Minor issue, but looks like people have this same problem in the past:

Solved by going to AND ignoring the other button (which also links to the 1.2.2 version) AND finding the link below for the 1003051 version of the apk.

What’s with the hate for buttons? No one has time to update them?

Edit: After 1.3.1 installed (and dodging buttons) no new long list of apps, will update in a few days to be sure

If you want the “ground truth” about which apps are installed, look at the “Apps” section of the “Settings” app.

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