Apps not updated since jan, 2017

i am going through list of apps one by one.
i have observed some apps are not updated since jan, 2017. they are not archived or updated readme about maintenance

i can prepare a list with:

version x (x) - Added on xxx-xx-xx & app id

reason: some apps are disabled for building (saw on a commit message)

autoupdate is set to none for them.
excuse for noise

Do they have “Archive Policy: 0 versions” too?


EDIT: this also does not contain Archive Policy: 0 versions

i will update list later, accidentally overwritten my file, hence the delay

another one

@Licaon_Kter none of them have.
if i found one, i will ping.

i just found that has discussed previously

may be you turned off the auto update option?

Probably unrelated but I experienced multiple users with missing auto updates of the f-droid index. Meaning they came to me after half a year reporting issues from a year ago. I told them to swipe down in tasks. Boom they got an update for like half of their apps due to a totally outdated index.

I’ll probably implement an update-check routine like other apps to at least inform the user of using an outdated application. So they don’t come to me after months reporting they always had one broken feature, while there exists a fix since a long time…

The update sliders for both Wi-Fi and mobile date were all the way to the right?

The sync period was like 1 day or so?

Is F-Droid excepted in battery optimisation or any other OEM killing app (ref: )?

I’ve got to check that when I see the person again. AFAIK nothing was changed from the default installation.

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