App update seems to not work after I updated project to AndroidStudio 3


Sorry, that may be a NOOB question but I don’t know where to find an answer.

I have set the app metadata of ReLaunchX to always update in the store based on a git Tag. I can see in the Build Metadata that the script still work well so what is missing to update the app in the store? I did not received any email about unsuccessful build so my guess is that the build has not even started yet.

If you have a moment please let me know what is happening with the app.

Happy New Year!

Nothing’s wrong with your app. F-Droid buildserver currently has problems. Don’t worry and happy New Year!

Thanks! No problem, I wish you guys every success in keeping F-Droid running :slight_smile:

Yop @relan,

Is it the same situation for my app?

Check at 2.9:
We can’t build this version: The build for this version appears to have failed.
(status of January 2)