App install not possible, because it is reportedly signed with another key


I can not install apk instructor.

F-Droid is not providing any install/uninstall button at the top.
If I look at the different versions, I can update, install or downgrade one.

That means f-droid thinks, there is another version if the apk already installed?
I have apk extractor not installed and it (as far as I know) never was.

Why f-droid does not offer an installation?

Device has android 7.0.

I can not install apk extractor, because f-droid says, it is installed with another sign key.

I do not know how this is possible.
Checked the list of installed apps, axp.tool.apkextractor is not available.

Pics of the details page?


So you say it doesn’t appear in Android Settings - Apps? So you can’t uninstall it?

Neither other tools like Netguard (which lists all the apps) can’t see it? Even if you enable show system apps?

No, I can not find this app anywhere.

How can I figure out what is going wrong, or could it be a f-droid bug?

Can you use ADB from a PC?

What does
adb shell pm list packages | grep apk

yes, this command returns nothing, it is very confusing.
Anything else I can do to investigate this?

Was the signature process changed some time ago?
A lot of f-droid apps, are listed as “no version with compatible signature” signature. But maybe I installed it via google play.

Cleaned up some other unrelated apps I currently not need and now I can install apk extractor. :astonished: ???

Mistary :)) strange indeed…e

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