App icons duplicate at each reboot

Among apps installed with f-droid, at each reboot, for 2 or 3 of them “randomly” selected,
a duplicate of their icons appears on the home screen,
causing a quite bad user experience and screen page number to increase infinitely.

Please see screenshot:

I am not sure it’s due to F-Droid, but I have no other clue.
F-Droid 1.7.1 on Android 7.0 Kernel 3.18.35

Device? What launcher? Tried another launcher?

The device is a Blackview 6000s.

The launcher should be the pre-installed one, where do I find this info?

Do try with another launcher from F-Droid like KISS or Lawnchair or whatever.

I just didn’t know what a launcher was. Trying KISS, things are better now.
While installing I saw the name of the default one: Launcher3
Thank you!

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