App FOSS Weather links to

When I use app FOSS Weather (for german places) Blokada blocks a connection to

So without Blokada smartphones are not protected from Google inspite using F-Droid apps



Thanks for reporting.

I’ve actually come on here to report a Goo privacy issue. Gitlab appears to force contributors use Goo Javascript to create Merge Requests.

That is a completely seperate issue, so please keep this topic to the original report.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t going to go any further. I just thought Lars might be interested in something related to Goo tracking, also.

It’s good that Lars noticed this. It seems that the anti-features will need to be identified and listed.

thanks for Blokada, it works great :smiley:
I completely forgot this app when replacing my smartphone.

I recommend Netguard :slight_smile:

Ref upstream:

Also known issue:

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Am I right these filter/block solutions are not compatible with orbot VPN mode or other VPN? Why isn’t there a block/filter option for orbot; that seems like the perfect app? (Except for sites blocking exit nodes…)

Maybe because it opens you up to being fingerprinted (identified by the domains that a person somewhat arbitrarily allows and denies).

To be honest though I’d say almost every single person using Tor would want to block Goo as a matter of course including their youtube doubleclick(?) cloudflare(?) etc. But then where do you stop do you also block Facebook, Amazon and its soundcloud(?) and Washington Post etc etc.

I probably would, gladly.

Netguard has SOCKS support so you can route through port 9050 and that goes through Tor :wink:


Thanks Netguard installed…

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