AnysoftKeyBoard 2 German language packages?

In f-droid I see two German language packages, one is version 4.0.2234, the other is version 1.10.1109 why do 2 exist? Which is the one recommended?


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weird, i only have one and it is 3 years old and number 2.0.4.
That’s the one:
AnySoftKeyboard: German: AnySoftKeyboard: German (Language pack for AnySoftKeyboard) -

have you got any super weird repositories installed?

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No, have just the standard f-droid repo plus NewPipe and GuardianProject.
I tried around now a bit.

Now comes the odd thing, when doing a search on for “anysoftkeyboard”, the web site gives just one German package, the one you mentioned:

But, when you search for “anysoftkeyboard” in the F-Droid app you acutally see 3 German version packages:

version 1.10.1109

version 4.0.2234 (which is 1 year older and I did not install it, this is not found on the web site search)

version 2.0.4 (from 8.8.2017)

BTW, on their Github page, the language package is marked “deprecated” !?

But, I don´t care about these oddities, it works now for me, that counts…

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