Anyone got the source code for Bubble?

Unfortunately, the project was deleted. Anyone got the source code?

F-Droid publishes the source code next to each APK.


I checked my codes, they are old (july 2019)

I was wondering the same thing last week and found a fork on Github:

It looks as there are some new code compared to the F-Droid tarball.

Hrm, that repo hasn’t been modified in 6 years, but if you follow the link in its README to Google Play, that entry shows recent updates, added permissions, unwanted ads, etc. I think this is very curious as its licensed GPLv3…

It makes me wonder if its actually being distributed this way by its original author (this is permissible), or if somebody else has modified and redistributed it without releasing the source (not permissible). Anyhow the source provided there doesn’t seem to match the binary…

EDIT: the email address on Play matches the name on the copyright, so I guess its the first scenario. Seems like maybe the project was deleted as part of an effort to monetize new releases of the app.

You are correct. I didn’t bother to check Google Play since the Github username matched the author name. According to the blog, there was a pro/donate version even before it went GPL. I guess ads was more lucrative than donations.

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