Any EV drivers here? What do you use?

I’m wondering if there are any EV owners here - what app do you use for charging on longer trips??

I was able to test drive one some time ago and see how it charges using the widely common ChargePoint stations. To use it, one must tap a phone near the charging station which only has a few buttons on it…

My question is what about all the users that don’t use iOS or Android - even among Android/iOS users there is a vast number (maybe the majority of old phones?) that do not have any NFC hardware.

Second, even if you have one that happens to have NFC, it apparently is only available through Play Store (and maybe therefore available through Aurora store??)

ChargePoint support has not answered how one could use the app on a Linux phone which I would like to switch to in the long term…

Just wondering what app you all use for ChargePoint or similar ev stations - or is there some obvious workaround like signing up for an account and tapping a tap to pay card to the station, which I could not find in their documentation?

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Electric cars are for richer people who don’t care about the real environmental consequences, or who fell for the PR. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

That said, OsmAnd has a lot of charging stations listed for search of “charging”, in my region. If they require special (tracking) apps, forget it. :laughing:

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In my case I just have a little NFC tag. Not everything needs to be an app :slight_smile:

(Other brand, but image for easier understanding)

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Is it all PR? MIT’s CarbonCounter tool shows a regular car causes twice the pollutants or more compared to EVs.
So not actually “zero emission” but significant. They still have to use masses of heat to build the steel etc.

Also by now there are some good EVs trickling in to the used car market.

See Jevons paradox for why total CO2 emissions likely will increase as change to higher efficiency, electric vehicles happens. It’s all about the assumptions in the models, like my previous sentence assumes we don’t switch to all nuclear power, or if we do, we use all-nuclear-electric mining, process, enrichment, and construction equipment. See “lithium mining” controversy, and mining of other materials for batteries and electrical components, for more on other “pollution” from electric vehicles. Sorry… pops the lid on a carbonated beverage and inhales deeply… if you call CO2 pollution, you swallowed the pill; you believe the PR. It’s OK though. You’re not alone. Sorry to sidetrack the apps discussion with critical thinking. :laughing:

Without a doubt it is not “the solution” to pollution, and you’re right, for some reason I don’t hear much about, for example Methane which is “more efficient at trapping radiation than CO2” according to EPA. Overview of Greenhouse Gases | US EPA

Fortunately Lithium and other metals in batteries, are chemical elements that can be recycled and reused over time, while gas is burnt and also has to be carried around in enormous trucks that themselves use enormous amount of gas…

What do you think would carry materials for recycling? Trucks, and freight trains, and ships, on long travels to low cost labor, high pollution countries, where dirty, labor intensive recycling is done. If ever actually done.

PSA: If you find a slightly toasted Chevy Bolt cheap, or like new, be sure to park “outside and away from structures, and to not charge the vehicles overnight” and some other stuff until you get the recall repair and believe it fixed the “catching fire” issue.

IANAL but you should consider consulting one before signing anything related to your purchase. :laughing:

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If you consider a “slightly toasted” Bolt? Are they selling any?? considering there were only about a dozen or two “toasted” bolts?

Thanks for the interesting and timely article, but you realize that agreement to not sue is also in probably just about every Gym membership waiver and other outdoor activity waiver that you have ever signed. Tying it to a discount on a vehicle doesn’t sound good though.

Not everything that happens gets captured in official records or statistics. Most recreation activities are very different in safety expectations and costs, compared with vehicles. Caveat emptor.

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