AntiFeature - non free network services: vs. die tageszeitung


I’m new to F-Droid and I try to understand how this project works.
While browsing through requests, issues and applications I stumbled across a difference I don’t understand. [1] is marked containing Anti-Features (promotes non-free network services) while die tageszeitung [2] is not.
Bot apps require a subscription to see all content.

Do I miss something or should die tageszeitung [2] get the Anti-Feature tag too?


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Regarding NonFreeNet anti-feature, “free” in this case refers not to price but to the “freedom” of the network service (so think “libre” or “freie” instead of “gratis” or “kostenlose”). Roughly speaking, a network service is considered free or libre if the source code is available and the user can choose their own instance or host it themselves. Any client for a centralized internet service such as GitHub or YouTube is marked with this anti-feature, since it is impossible to get the source code to GitHub or YouTube and host it yourself.

In this case, I believe the “non-free service” referred to is “die tageszeitung” online newspaper, in which case yes, the second app (which I understand to be the continuation of the first) should also be marked NonFreeNet.

@fe60 I agree with @adrianmalacoda here: the NonFreeNet applies to the backend. So be welcome opening a merge request to add id to die tageszeitung.

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