Antifeature analytics

Are analytics antifeatures? I imagine since they are privacy-raping they would be.

Yes, it’s the tracking antifeature:


@relan , I’m actually trying to upload a combo ClassyShark/Exodus to perform tracking analysis on apks, installed or not (exception to /system odexed wip) on non-rooted devices: DexClassLoader seems to be a standstill for fdroid

I noticed your comment about it here : , can you clarify some on my rfp ?

Pair with any file manager or my latest “re-branded” ApplicationInfo , you can scan any apk, and check synthetic relevant tracking “classes”.

For testing, both are uploaded & explained on xda

Hope F-Droid users will try to be active on Exodus side to help for enlarging trackers database :

As example of use, with paired app_PackagesInfos, you can easily scan analytics in Google ContactsSync, CalendarSync or Playstore; “thankfully” Google stopped including FirebaseAnalytics in “central” Webview.apk in 2018, but they can switch back at anytime.

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