Alternative for netd

How can I replace netd with a free alternative?
Or at least configure it for one dns server, preferably Dns Over Https

Use Netguard to redirect it to some other DNS servers? Or RethinkDNS?

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Does this functionality exist in AFWall+?
Netguard and RethinkDNS requires Always on vpn, which eliminates the use of vpn. I need the root way.

Just use Android built-in private DNS.
If you have trouble:

This is almost a solution, but netd keeps sending requests to:

But still most of the dns requests go to the server I chose.
Also my VPN client does not connect to the server when I select built-in private DNS

Change NTP servers via ADB?

I never saw these requests in Android, seems ROM specific related or apps phoning in background.

This should depend on how you connect to the VPN, if it is in tunnel mode all traffic including DNS requests should go to your VPN server.

IDK about this, you can configure iptables to redirect dns requests, but I don’t know how that affects the VPN.
Or even modify the configuration in the system folder itself, since it is rooted, although this does not seem to be a recommended option.
I hope you’ll get a better answer.

netd is core component of AOSP and is FOSS:

It is the DNS resolver on 9 and 10 iirc (was split out in 11), so those are just DNS lookups from your apps.

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