Alert/Alarm App for Firefighters

Hi everyone,

I’m a volunteer firefighter/paramedic and I receive SMS alerts when there’s an alarm.

I of course also have a pager, but it usually goes off a minute or so later than the SMS arrives so it’s not ideal.

I used to have FireAlert 2, which sets off an alarm when an SMS arrives from a specific number or with a specific content, but I can’t find anything like it here on F-Droid…
For reference, here’s FireAlert 2 in the Play Store.

Does anyone know of an App or other solution?

Hi @lukilas, welcome to the forum!

Sadly I don’t know any app like this in F-Droid, but you could send the developer of the app an email asking whether they to publish their source code and then get included into F-Droid. It doesn’t seem like they have any commercial interest so you have a good chance imho. I just see that the last version is from 2015. If they publish their source code, there’s a good chance that people will hook it up and modify to align well with apps in 2017 (design, permissions etc.).