AFWall blocking requests to .org domains using Wlan

System: Lineage 16.0, rooted; AFWall newest version
local DNS-Server Pihole last version.


if AFWall is enabled access to all .org domains is blocked
(e.g. F-Droid store, Lineageos Updates), though access is whitelisted and permitted.

WLAN-connections work, when

  1. AFWall is disabled;
  2. AFWall is enabled, but Lineage - Preferences - Use Private DNS is enabled -> by this bypassing Pihole’s filters obviously;
    by cellular network of course.

I tried checking different preferences for AFWall. Nothing helped.
Seems AFWall changes any DNS requests which then are blocked by Pihole whyever.
But Logs in AFWall or Pihole don’t show any expedient hints.

Any ideas what’s the reason and hints for solution?

Thanks in advance.

Did you report this to the AFWall devs?

Until now not.
I will report it to issues site.

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