A Suggestion about future firefox fdroid release


i know that it is very early to suggest this but i like to say it early so please consider thinking about it when(if) release of it on f-droid become reality in the future.

i want to suggest if it was possible (from anti feature removing perspective) and f-droid contributors liked to build new firefox, please consider making package name of it distinct from old (current) fennec f-droid.

why this is useful?
because old firefox (fennec) was rather very powerful. it was like a complete desktop firefox with some about:config tweaks so having it as an option for some rare case scenarios (websites forcing mobile site even with changing useragent and …) and some other scenarios is really useful.

In the end thank you all contributors for your great work.

old firefox (fennec) was rather very powerful

The old Fennec vs the new Fenix based on Android Components and GeckoView? What do you mean by “very powerful”? Fenix uses the very same Gecko engine, has a desktop mode and about:config.

Many on the forum did not read this issue on GitHub ? :

Fenix has implemented a sandbox for sites - Project Fission :

Are isolated processes used? Or is there one process in the browser? We can see in the task manager.

Trackers can be mitigated using this guide :

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