A hello and update problems with two apps


Thanks to f-droid i have a more secure and private life.
Not new to f-droid but new to this forum.

Now running version 1.6 on Android 7.1.2/LineageOS 14.1.

Never had problems, always worked.

Already since a month i can’t get two apps updated: Netguard and OsmAnd+
Other apps are updated without problems.

Tried all possible solution found on this forum with no luck.

Erased the apps, deleted storage data and cache, restart, reboot, and so on …

What can I try next?


What is the error?

Can you install the APKs from f-droid.org instead?


Not really an ‘error’ message but those two apps:

  • seams to get downloaded during ‘Update’
  • after clicking Install they jump back to ‘Update’ after some app ‘glitch’
  • and so on and on …

Do you mean delete the apps and try to download the apk and install direct from f-droid.org?

after clicking Install they jump back to ‘Update’ after some app ‘glitch’

If you enter in app details and press Update?

No, get the update APKs from f-droid.org and UPDATE…

Do you mean by ‘app details’ in the settings for each app?
Now no fast internet connection.
I will try tomorrow to download the APK’s and update them.
Will let you now then.

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